Selling Sh*t on YouTube

Alright, so I just couldn’t help myself. These days, it seems as if to make an engaging YouTube video, you have to resort to 5th grade potty humor. Literally. Check out these ridiculously engaging YouTube ads.

The Squatty Potty (yes, the on that was on Shark Tank)

And it features the unicorn that will change how you poop (and view ice cream). They even have a behind the scenes reel (which is pretty interesting, actually). Oh, and BTW, that video has 10,600,000 views!

And then, while watching YouTube, I saw yet another (less compelling, in my opinion) product… that has 51,000,000 (MILLION!!) views.

PooPourri (their business it to make it smell like your business never even happened)

My first thought is that I would love to be in the pitch room with any of these. Imagine saying to a client, “we’re going to use a unicorn that craps rainbow ice cream to explain the product benefits… I can only imagine. :)

But, for all us marketers, it shows in interesting (and highly effective) case study in getting attention and communicating product benefits. While the PooPourri is a little zany, the Squatty Potty video nails it in a way that keeps you watching.

Think about that next time you’re trying to communicate product benefits, no matter now obscure or taboo.

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