IMPACT launched the POSITIVE Magazine web site today.

POSITIVE Magazine is full of high-quality photography, video and articles about people, places and events. POSITIVE features men and women who have chosen to follow a path in life that fulfills their passion and brings happiness to the lives of others… the people who inspire us by honoring their dreams.

POSITIVE is a media company with a heart for others, hope for the future and optimism in the journey.

The home page is laid out horizontally to reinforce and reflect the nature of the underlying periodical and publishing company.  It is an online and off-line magazine and we wanted the web site to reflect that.  Secondary content, video and photography focused pages leverage the typical web-based, vertical layout.  This was done to maximize usability on these content-oriented portions of the site.

Additional print advertisements have been created for this client in order to drive awareness of the online and off-line publication.

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