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Free e-mail marketing program review

Tuesday, October 27th, 2015

I love hearing about new business models and helping those building them, accelerate. The best way I can think to expose myself to more it is to help, for free. So, for a limited time, I’m offering

A Free E-mail Marketing Program/List Review

To qualify for my free e-mail marketing review, there are three things you must do:

  1. Get a Constant Contact account here (Already have an account? You can transfer it to my Partner Platform – here’s how.)
  2. Schedule a 15 minute phone/Skype call with via Appointy
  3. Do your homework to make best use of our time together; be ready to talk about your business, how you make money and your current efforts, online and off

And above all else, you must have an open mind, willing to grow your business and be ready take action. In your session, you will get insight gained from 15 years in Fortune 100 interactive marketing and building lists of millions of consumers and influencers.

Take the first step. Get your Constant Contact account, now, and schedule your appointment.

Your customers are out there, let’s go get them.

Earl knew it in the 1950′s…

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

Earl Nightengale knew the real “secret” back in the 1950′s.

His secret wasn’t about putting fluff into the universe and hoping it happened. His secret was about having a goal, believing in it, wholeheartedly, and working against it.

As Matthew said in 21:22, “if you believe, you will receive”.

But you have to believe and then operate against that goal and you will obtain it.

This is definitely an eye opener and brain candy that is well worth the 30 minutes. Listen to it now and respond below. It is audio only with a static image, great for listening to in the car…

Value of a long night…

Tuesday, September 10th, 2013

I consider my web site and my blog to be integral parts of my business/marketing strategy. The site tells you about what we do/have done and the blog conveys how we think and what we’re doing.

Important stuff and important stuff to keep running.

Now, it takes care and feeding to keep them healthy. Last night, I decided to do some of that care and feeding… and at 2AM I completed an upgrade of the components which drive my site; CakePHP and WordPress.

After 6 hours of work and missed sleep, I was left wondering how much revenue these incremental efforts will create.

Answer: NONE!

Frustrating. Necessary activities, but activities that don’t, directly, generate revenue. Fortunately, I have the capability (albeit, not the desire) to do these tasks and the result is a pretty and effective platform.

But my mind wanders… to a Platform as a Service called Viral Blogging by the Empower Network. The beauty of services such as this is they are a PLATFORM that some one else (argualby… be sure you do your due diligence to ensure this…) takes care of. You simply consume them. Log in, post your thoughts and know that some one else will worry about PHP, MySQL, WordPress, video Codecs, Flash players, Linux versions, etc…

This is not (necessarily) an endorsement for the Empower Network. Yes, I’m a member, but I am not using their PaaS solution. I am leveraging their killer digital marketing training classes (after 15 years in the biz, they are definitely teaching this ole’ dog…). Besides, I’m still in love with my blog… :)

What I am endorsing is that you, as a business owner, seriously consider PaaS and SaaS solutions for your business. It keeps your focus on what is important.

Getting feet through the door, arses in seats and dollars in the till.

At the end of the day, I recommend you not be like Ray… Don’t blow your evening trying to remember obscure hacks you put in place 6 months ago to make something important work which break when you upgrade…

Call me a heretic…

Monday, March 15th, 2010

IMPACT seeks the business reason or problems before proposing solutions, strategies or executions.  When formulating solutions or pondering client requests, I always take a step back and address three questions.  Will a potential solution:

  1. assist in the acquisition of consumers
  2. shorten the monetization cycle by moving prospects to consumers more rapidly
  3. save the business money through optimization

This decision tree is particularly useful when clients are pondering “mobile solutions” for their business.  Don’t misinterpret me.  Mobile is extremely important to your business if it makes sense.  In addition, everything you do should be done in a manner that doesn’t inherently EXCLUDE mobile.  However, does 100% of your site need to be mobile?  Do you have to have a TXT messaging intiative?  Do you have to have an iPhone app for that?

Perhaps, but it is IMPACT’s belief that you should answer those three questions, first, in order to evaluate the value to your business versus the cost of the work.

That said, even I was surprised by the data in this article from Wired Magazine concerning Apple’s battle over gestures.   Based upon a  Strategy Analytics study, only 5% of mobile devices have touch screens.  In the next 3 years, that number is projected to grow to 30% but right now it is only 5%…

Ponder this for a moment.  This means that less that 5% of all mobile devices are iPhones and that only 5% of all mobile devices, worldwide, have a touch-based interface.  For all the hype that iPhones and Apple’s app store gets, it doesn’t seem to me that they have that much market share…

Could it be that Blue-collar American is still worried about simply having a phone…  and the $400+ super-sexy “app enabled” phones are nothing more than an item on a wish list a this point.

Just a little something to make you go, “hmmmm”…