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Selling Sh*t on YouTube

Saturday, December 19th, 2015

Alright, so I just couldn’t help myself. These days, it seems as if to make an engaging YouTube video, you have to resort to 5th grade potty humor. Literally. Check out these ridiculously engaging YouTube ads.

The Squatty Potty (yes, the on that was on Shark Tank)

And it features the unicorn that will change how you poop (and view ice cream). They even have a behind the scenes reel (which is pretty interesting, actually). Oh, and BTW, that video has 10,600,000 views!

And then, while watching YouTube, I saw yet another (less compelling, in my opinion) product… that has 51,000,000 (MILLION!!) views.

PooPourri (their business it to make it smell like your business never even happened)

My first thought is that I would love to be in the pitch room with any of these. Imagine saying to a client, “we’re going to use a unicorn that craps rainbow ice cream to explain the product benefits… I can only imagine. :)

But, for all us marketers, it shows in interesting (and highly effective) case study in getting attention and communicating product benefits. While the PooPourri is a little zany, the Squatty Potty video nails it in a way that keeps you watching.

Think about that next time you’re trying to communicate product benefits, no matter now obscure or taboo.

Cache on Facebook

Friday, December 18th, 2015

I learned a neat little trick today thanks to a home I have listed on this week.

We recently took a home we’re selling back from the listing agent(a beautiful 5BR/3.5BA, if you’re in the Greater Cincinnati market…). Dutifully, I reclaimed the Zillow ad and dropped the price. Wanting, of course, to leverage the power of social media, I tried to post it to Facebook via Zillow’s “share to Facebook” functionality.


I immediately noticed the “For Sale: $XXX,XXX” price was the prior price, despite the fact I had updated it.

The URL was scraped and cached and, for the best of me, I couldn’t figure out how to “uncache” it. Heather at Zillow (via the Zillow help me link) to the rescue… The solution is simple.

  1. Log into Facebook
  2. Go to the “Open Graph Object Debugger
  3. Paste in the URL that is being shared to Facebook
  4. Show the existing scrape information, it’s probably wrong…
  5. Click “Fetch new scrape information”
  6. Check to see if it is updated (if it’s not, you either have the wrong URL or the original site (Zillow, in this case) isn’t updating what’s being served to Facebook
  7. If it’s right, go back to the original site, and reshare it


In the case of Zillow, I tried scraping my home’s URL, first. That did not work. So, I posted to my timeline, right clicked on the post’s image to get the URL that was shared, and refreshed the scrape of that URL. As it turns out, what gets shared to Facebook from Zillow (and most places) is a shortened URL and it is this URL that Facebook scrapes and references…

That is that. Now you know how to clear the Facebook cache when your shares aren’t showing up right! This can even be done by you for the content you have on our site that others are sharing out if you run into issues there.

Hope this helps!

Facebook contest drives e-mail CRM return on investment

Wednesday, November 18th, 2015

BYSmarketinglogo-1-300x300Today we launched a cool campaign for our new client, Backyard Saver. It’s the first e-mail list building campaign for Backyard Savers, a local media and marketing magazine in the Greater Cincinnati area. The campaign involved creating a Facebook sweepstakes which integrates with the client’s back-end Constant Contact CRM solution. The execution includes timed and boosted Facebook posts to drive traffic to the sweepstakes.

In addition to setting up the FB campaign, we helped our client with a little house keeping which included:

  • Creating a high-level business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) e-mail CRM strategy
  • Setting up their Facebook business portal
  • Setting up their Constant Contact account (get yours here)
  • Because this is for a local publication to whom zip codes are important, we set up e-mail autoresponders to collect participant zip codes and page likes
  • Seeding the contest to local bloggers who posted the contest as well (aka, Influencer Marketing)

The contest ends 11/25/15 and I’m really excited to analyze the results… I anticipate great things! So, come sign up. You may win a $50 American Express gift card… and you will be exposed to a great way to build your business’ B2C and B2B e-mail CRM databases.

Want to do a similar execution for your business or need help driving value from your e-mail CRM efforts? Reach out to us or schedule a 15 minute join up.

Free e-mail marketing program review

Tuesday, October 27th, 2015

I love hearing about new business models and helping those building them, accelerate. The best way I can think to expose myself to more it is to help, for free. So, for a limited time, I’m offering

A Free E-mail Marketing Program/List Review

To qualify for my free e-mail marketing review, there are three things you must do:

  1. Get a Constant Contact account here (Already have an account? You can transfer it to my Partner Platform – here’s how.)
  2. Schedule a 15 minute phone/Skype call with via Appointy
  3. Do your homework to make best use of our time together; be ready to talk about your business, how you make money and your current efforts, online and off

And above all else, you must have an open mind, willing to grow your business and be ready take action. In your session, you will get insight gained from 15 years in Fortune 100 interactive marketing and building lists of millions of consumers and influencers.

Take the first step. Get your Constant Contact account, now, and schedule your appointment.

Your customers are out there, let’s go get them.

Moving a Constant Contact Account

Sunday, September 27th, 2015

Many of my clients have existing Constant Contact accounts. Often, these e-mail marketing accounts were set up by creative agencies or by just clicking on random links around the internet.

This is not necessarily bad, but you’re probably not being well served… you may be missing out on very beneficial promotions and learning opportunities that will build your e-mail marketing lists and your business.

It’s good to have an engaged and well regarded provider “managing” your account… there are many very good new product promotions, service discounts, training and opportunities for business exposure available to you through your Constant Contact Partner.

So, what are you waiting for? Transfer your account to us, now. As a partner in your business, IMPACT empowers your business with everything at our disposal as a well-regarded Constant Contact Partner. Transferring is easy. All you have to do is send the following e-mail:

From: you… ;)
Subject: Transfer account request
Please put my account (enter your user account name here) under the management of the Constant Contact Partner IMPACT (

That’s all there is to it. You’re now in the club and ready to roll with IMPACT! We are looking forward to working with you!!

My true colors
show through…

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013

So, yes, I am a geek at heart. I wasn’t always the super sexy, savvy and illusive interactive marketing savant you see before you.

and giggles…>

Yes, at another primordial point in my development, I was a chemistry/bio-tech geek who grew up longing for new episodes of Bill Nye the Science Guy.

And this season, he’s on Dancing with the Stars. They might have actually found the hook to make me watch that painful show… my wife will be sooo tickled.

SOOO, you ask, what does Bill Nye, #HotKnowledge and Dancing With the Stars have to do with online marketing? A TON! Actually, Bill Nye exhibited the behaviors every brand, business and individual online should adopt. There are three:

  1. Find a niche you are passionate about
  2. Have fun becoming the expert
  3. Create content along your journey and share your gift

Simple, right? It is and it’s the exact route I’m following and it’s the key to success. Passion, expertise and sharing. Find what engergizes you, emerse yourself in it and enjoy bringing others along via Facebook, Twitter, TXT message marketing, vLogging, blogging, webinars, etc.

Learn, do, teach. Repeat.

As you can imagine, I’m partial to TXT, vLogging and blogging… In a later post, I’ll talk about why vLogging is SOO power for online marketing. Until then, enjoy the clip of Bill and Tweet #HotKnowledge to give him a chance next week!

Rock on Bill!!!

killed the radio star…

Monday, September 16th, 2013

As a part of a 90-day challenge, I’m (trying) to post to my blog and create a YouTube video every day. Wanting to be the best vLogger possible, I sought out how-to videos on, of course, YouTube…

The searched turned up a July 24th, 2013 USA Today article which sat down with Ben Relles, YouTube’s head of programming strategy.

If the video didn’t play on load, I’d link it here… but since that is annoying (USA Today), you’ll have to click through the above link to view it.

Ben Relles, who is also, apparently, the producer for the “Barely Political” channel on YouTube, literally wrote the book for how to create YouTube videos.

Basically, what he says is fairly common sense but he says it in a wonderfully concise way. In essence:

  • Content is IMPORTANT
  • Technical details are important, too…
    • Title
    • Thumbnails
    • Tags
    • etc…
  • What you do after the content is published via social outreach and engaging your audience is KEY…

Well worth the 2-3 minutes to watch the USA Today article.

Anyway, the YouTube Playbook can be found here: Have you worked through it yet?

I invite you to go through it and learn and grow with me. Let me know your thoughts in video responses or in the comment area below!

Surprise and a lesson in arrogance

Monday, September 9th, 2013

A friend of mine has been involved with the Empower Network for quite some time. She had brought it to my attention many months ago. At that time, I did a cursory review and went away with a lackluster opinion.

My take-away was that it was some sort of multi-level marketing blogging network. I didn’t get it, I thought the visual development was poor and I knew I had better. I turned away because I thought I could do/had better.

In a recent conversation with this friend, she gently nudged me again based upon a statement I made. This time, I spent the $25 to sign up and find out what it was really all about. I’m still learning, but I can tell you this:

  • It is a “Viral Blogging” platform (and sooo much more…)
  • It does seem to be MLM
  • My blog is “prettier”
  • The Empower Network platform is way more feature rich
  • While I do have ultimate control, my blog is WAY more complicated/frustrating to deal with

My biggest take away at this point is that they have a very easy to use blogging/publishing/marketing platform and a ton of AWESOME resources which teach you how things work and how to think about marketing online.

Arrogance aside, I don’t know if I’ll use them long-term. I do really like my blog and, because of my technical disposition, I actually enjoy caring for it and feeding it. However, the materials on the site are absolutely mind blowing. I’ve watched 1 short video and 1.5 long videos which have given me a handful of incredible insight.

There are 7 more I need to watch but, from the few I’ve watched so far, I’ve gotten 10-fold my investment back.

So, as Dani Johnson says, weigh your arrogance with your check book. I learned a valuable lesson there. Now, will I use their platform? Dunno. Do I think you can make a ton of cash and will I become an affiliate of their platform? Dunno.

What I will do, at a minimum, is learn from these two gentlemen who have obviously figure out the online recipe and use the knowledge to push things ahead.

Don’t discount their platform based upon this comment. It is a really valuable platform, especially after a discussion with another colleague this week. I asked him if he blogged (this was before I signed up with Empower). His response was, “nope, the technical barrier is too high and I don’t know how to use it to build my business.” From experience, I know this is a common opinion of many business owners.

The Empower Network solves this. Their platform is simple and their teachings are direct. Really, if you want to grow your business online, you just need to pony up the small investment and follow their direction. I’ve not seen anything yet that I don’t think, if you do exactly what they say, wouldn’t cause your online (and offline) business to grow.

I suggest checking them out.

What do you think of the platform? Do you find the teachings as high-impact as I do?

Check out the Empower Network here and leave a comment with your thoughts. If you’re interested in learning more about mobile TXT marketing, TXT txtImpact to 90210.

We give our clients the shirts off our backs!

Monday, June 21st, 2010

Reser Bicycle Outfitters approached us to do a promotional piece for Bike Month 2010 (May).  The two primary goals of this promotional piece were to:

  1. Drive brand recognition and recall
  2. Drive subscription to the Reser Bicycle Outfitters e-mail newsletter

We created a custom t-shirt (front shown here) for RBO to give away throughout the month in store and at Bike Month commuter stations around Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky… then we decided to kick it up a notch.  We wanted an easy to distribute and carry form factor that also reinforced Reser Bicycle Outfitters as THE full service bicycle shop in the area.

Handing people another free t-shirt (despite the fact that it is a really cool free t-shirt) seemed so also-ran and cumbersome…  so, we came up with this awesome compression execution with a bicycle-wheel insert. This form allowed for easier distribution, carrying and reinforced the bike shop’s equity.

All-in-all, it was an awesome project that served its purpose…  on any given day you can see them around town AND the newsletter subscriptions grew by 50% via this initiative.

Do you have something to say?  Let us help you find a creative and high-IMPACT way to do it…  Just reach out to us and we’ll get started on creating some magic for your business!

Google Goggles…

Monday, April 12th, 2010

Today, Google announced the acquisition of Plink.  Plink is a niche application which allows you to take a picture of a piece of art and then Plink finds out information about it.

Leave it to Google to take it to the next level!

Google released Google Goggles for Android 1.6+.  This is an incredibly cool functionality that has been toyed around with on other platforms like the iPhone and by services like AroundMe.  However, Google took it to a whole new place that is phone independent just like Android.

Google Goggles can identify items such as landmarks, books, business card contact information, artwork, wine and logos with a simple snapshot (which, I might add, can be discarded right away with a little click; nice feature, Google!).

Looking up information on a location like a store or restaurant?  You don’t even need to take a picture.  Just point your phone at it and a link to the Google Local Business ad will appear at the bottom, beckoning you to click on it to find out things like contact information, hours of operation, coupons and more!

This is a pretty incredible extension of how search works and, if it works, will drastically alter how we use the little devices we all carry in our pockets.

Very nice, Google!  Very nice!

If you would like to know more about this or any of the topics on our blog, feel free to contact us at (859) 468-5313.  We’d also be happy to take a look at YOUR local business listings, and your interactive program overall, and let you know how they can be improved to drive your business forward.