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Awesome Premier tutorial!

Thursday, April 10th, 2014

This is the best explaination I’ve found about how to export media from Premier. It’s based upon Premier Pro 5.5, but the concepts apply to most versions.

Know thy revenue…

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

As with many entertainment destinations, a large portion of Totter’s Otterville’s revenue comes from parties and events. More importantly, group outings such as these are a great way to expand Totter’s exposure and bring new folks to the experience known as Otterville.

With that in mind, we created a 6′ x 11′ wall cling for Otterville which promotes the utilization of the family fun center for birthday parties.

While that is awesome and all, we wanted to influence families to consider the venue and to ask questions at the time they were coming through the main gate to Otterville. This is how it looks from the point at which Mommy and Daddy would be checking in little Jane and Johnny….

Attention grabbing and activating! What an awesome piece!

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Think you're extreme?

Monday, June 14th, 2010

Reser Bicycle Outfitters frequently sponsors & attends events for promotion and signage at the events is usually poor so RBO asked us to create a banner for them. The particular banner they requested was an awesome, under-table 6′ x 2′ one that could be used to attract high-end riders… and if you’re going to attract folks who enjoy careening down hills, it’s gotta be cool…

This banner was one of a series used at different events targeted at road bikers, mountain bikers and more recreational, family-orient, bikers. They have proven to be effective at drawing attention and further extending the Reser Bicycle Outfitter business name and brand.

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Nothing says Cinco de Mayo like…

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010


Our client, Margarita’s in Cold Spring, Kentucky wanted a great way to announce their big shindig on Cinco de Mayo. They had bands, drink specials and tons of food. These banners were part of a larger initiative to drive traffic to the restaurant for that event.

Below is one of two identical 10′ x 3′ banners that were produced. One was posted at the street, along I-27, shown below, and the second was posted along the parking lot (as shown in the 2nd picture).

A custom, 10x3 banner created for Margaritas of Cold Spring, Kentucky

The second design was a15′x3′ banner that hung under the awning of the restaurant as shown below.

These banners were designed and produced in house and are an example of what we can do to promote businesses very 15x3 and 10x3 banners used at Margaritas in Cold Spring, Kentucky inexpensively. We have previously mentioned our ability to print work like posters, brochures and business cards. This work is an example of our other capabilities with promotional, advertising and marketing pieces like coraplast signs and vinyl banners.

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Who says there's no free lunch?

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

Here are a few grassroots print pieces we created for Margarita’s of Cold Spring, Kentucky.

The first is a door hanger which was taken to neighborhoods around the restaurant. With the high-value call out, custom photography and great creative (of course…), Margarita’s saw a great response.

Another piece IMPACT created was a BOGO lunch coupon/postcard. This 6×9 postcard was used to build the lunch crowd. Sent out to people who “dropped their business card in the bowl” and left behind at other local establishments, the BOGO lunch postcard has done a lot to grow Margarita’s business.

If you’re interested in see how we can IMPACT your business, don’t hesitate to contact us. From marketing consulting to design work and from brand development to print production, IMPACT can and will build your business. Without the ability to IMPACT your target market, where are you?

Interactive Print???

Monday, March 22nd, 2010

Modified 3/31/2010 to clarify privacy concerns at end of post.

Believe it or not, even print is interactive!

Way back in 2000, WIRED Magazine leveraged Digimarc to add watermarks to print ads.  At that point, reading the ads was only possible using a PC camera and, with the appropriate watermark software installed, would direct you to the advertiser’s web site.  Interesting, but not that useful.  Fast forward to 2010, the iPhone and much higher distribution watermarked ads and things start getting more interesting.

Much more interesting in fact…  A recent issue of Wired Magazine piqued our Creative Director Allan Godshall’s interest as the editorial proclaimed that print was once again interactive in Wired Magazine using technology from Kooaba designed for the iPhone.

Please refer to the press release from Kooaba (the company providing the technology to WIRED) and the specific release on WIRED’s site.

Using an iPhone and the Kooaba app, the ads could be “read”.  I’m not going to rehash my previous rants that questioned the value of iPhone app mania.  Nonetheless, this is pretty cool depending on what the action is on the iPhone when the ad is “scanned”.

If advertising using a tool like this, what action would you want people to take?  Would you have them do something that reinforced the brand equity?  Would you take the opportunity to grab consumer information?  Perhaps the ad would simply link to a page giving the consumer more information about the advertised product or service.

It would really depend on the strategy behind the print piece and the call to action.  Very rapidly, the capability of this technology forces clarification of the strategy and goals sections of the creative brief for that ad…  Back to the point; does this capability bring  privacy concerns to print?

Potentially.  In the age of variable printing and segmentation to a group of 1, who is to say that a advertisement’s watermarked print ad in your favorite magazine doesn’t contain YOUR subscription number?  When you click on that ad, viola, as you’re iPhone is getting directed to the advertiser’s web site, they happily make off with both your phone number and subscription number.  A quick mashup of that data and the publishers information about you and now the advertiser has something very valuable…  After all, that magazine publisher knows exactly who you are, where you live and probably a ton of psychographic and demographic information.

Considering this, are we going to see privacy statements on print ads in the future?

Despite the privacy concerns, we believe this is interesting technology.  If you’re looking to work some magic with your marketing, just ask us to bring some more IMPACT!